IT Support Vermont

Welcome to IT Support Vermont! We take care of your small business IT services and consumer IT needs.


About Us

Our team


We offer a special blend of: tech know how, being easy to understand, friendly help that also includes repair and sales. 

Our history


Back over 15 years ago as a way to eliminate stress, I started learning more about computer tech, networks, cell phones and the like.  It started as an enjoyment, much like assembling puzzles and then turned into a career.

I then saw a need to help everyday people and small businesses that need or want on call I.T. help that can't afford the "big" companies.

"Well, phooey to that!" I thought. I have knowledge and experience.  I can help, do it timely, do it correctly all while being friendly and informative.

Our specialities


What do we offer?

How about over 15 years of experience in the field of electronics, diagnosing electronics problems, and the desire and need to give honest help to you?  That is only a small slice of what we offer.  Years of career experience have also brought a myriad of other helpful things like assessing needs of others.  Our specialty is helping you get the best help, even if it isn't us.  While we also do computer repair in Barre, we offer IT needs across the spectrum of electronics.  If you have a question about electronics, or your needs with your business IT services, I will help! Lastly, unlike other IT companies, you will be able to understand what we are telling you.